Michelle Wie

I know everybody knows Michelle https://cwenarhealthcare.com/online-pharmacies-uk-selling-levitra/ Wie is an amazing golfer and probably the most recognizable of all the female golfers. But if you aren’t a fan of Michelle’s, just spend a few minutes with her and that will change. What an viagra price germany amazing person and kind soul. We shot from sunrise to sunset in the most cialis approved hot and humid conditions. She order viagra in canada never had one complaint. What a great sense of humor, she fit into our crew within minutes and even did the Whip and NaNa to try to relax one of the younger models that was https://furnika.com.pl/cialis-20-mg/ a bit star struck. Fan for life! Here are some of the shots we took that day with a few fun behind buy generic levitra online the scene shots.

Surf Pittsburgh

Yes!  You can surf in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, purchase daily cialis wake surf that is.  For this project I teamed up with Dave Vissat and buy discount viagra Dan Magdich of Brunner Works.  We won a National purchase generic levitra online Gold Addy for our work on this campaign.  Here is an article in TRIM magazine (an international surf publication) that featured my part on this job with some BTS insight and the poster images.  Enjoy! www.trimhawaii.com