Donut Heads


The problem working on a project like this is control. Meaning, don’t eat the props! We did a shoot for Peace Love and Little Donuts and teamed up with Dave Vissat at Brunner Works. All in all, its a pretty simple concept which is always is driven by perfect detailed execution.

Here is the process:

  1. Research! And lots of it. What do you want the models to look like? What wardrobe and accessories are needed to sell the 60’s vibe? How did people wear their make up in that era? How should we light it and what kinds of poses should we use? What’s the mood?
  2. Start looking at head shots of the models and then do a casting call. It’s always important to me to a casting. Head shots can be deceiving. Head shots don’t tell me how the talent will be in front of a camera. Are they a model or just a pretty face? For this project we casted about 30 people for five posters.
  3. After the models are selected we need to start shopping for wardrobe online and go from thrift shop to thrift shop to see what goes best with each donut that was selected.
  4. Now it’s time to shoot! Each model has multiple wardrobe options in their size. This is where the wardrobe person earns their donuts. ( ha,ha pun intended ) We have about an hour and a half to fit wardrobe and do the make up for each model. (That’s really not that much time).
  5. The photography~ the lighting and lensing options are set up the day before and roughed in on one of my assistants. (they love that) During this process we really start to narrow down the poses and think about what’s right for this project. When we finally start shooting the next day we always have a plan of attack so we don’t waste time. Each model has different strengths and that’s what I try to identify as I am shooting. This is where the layouts are less important. This is where we make art and let the shoot happen and see where it takes us.
  6. Post Production ~ now that we have thousands of shots, we need to edit, make selections and start the retouching.

These projects are why we love what we do. It takes many hours and many people are involved to pull this off. A special shout out goes to Dave Vissat for his passion that he brings to each and every project as well as Reema Anbari our Makeup and Wardrobe Stylist on this project. Couldn’t do it with out you.

KISS. Keep it simple stupid is a lot more work than meets the eye.