Victory Motorcycles

Shooting models on motorcycles going at ridiculously high rates of speed = a SMART producer.  And I’ve got a great one!  Bob Martin has been producing my shoots for over twenty years and I am lucky to have him as part of my team.  Production is key on all shoots but it is mandatory when you are shooting motorcycles.  We are talking about dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s to make sure everyone’s liability is at a minimum. To finding an abandoned Airforce runway for the location, to making sure the models not only have the right look but are skilled at riding bikes is a challenge.  The permit requirements on this project would ground most shoots even before one frame was taken.  And on and on and on… It also helps to have a Kick-Ass client and Ad Agency behind you, working with you, on making sure we have what we need to do our jobs… You guys make my job easy.  Great shoot!