Defend the Den

This is a shoot I did with the Hershey Bears hockey club. The theme of the shoot was “Defend the Den” not only for the players but for the fans as well. I wanted the shots to have a serious tone to them not only in the way I posed them but also in their “I want to kick your ass” attitude and expressions. I used a lighting that was textural and harsh to further the look. The funny thing about this day was that every single person that I shot was beyond nice and it was a challenge to get them out of their everyday character. Until I told them I was a Pittsburgh Penguin’s fan. And YES… that worked!



Things I’ve learned during my shoot in Lake Tahoe: 1) Freezing in the morning, hot in the afternoon and freezing in the evening. 2) Air…or lack there of. 3) Not the shoot for your prop stylist to wear her mini skirt and stiletto heels 4) The water is incredibly cold and there is this thing called HYPOTHERMIA. 5) If your assistant is going to tip the canoe, please tip it at the end of the shoot not at the beginning. 6) One of the most beautiful places to shoot in the world!!!